The Great Michael Jackson X Supreme

Michael Jackson is an artist that accomplished great things in the world of fashion, dance, music, and breaking down barriers for African Americans everywhere.  Every project he was involved with inspired greatness and perfection.  Everything from his iconic Thriller dance to his legendary white Swarovski glove was a piece of his persona.  This collaboration does none of the above.  This collaboration only features a very basic picture of Michael Jackson, with the only difference being in the colors of the fabric.  It’s a very general and basic design that calls into question the reason for this drop.  It gives the feeling that maybe Supreme was simply just trying to financially capitalize on Michael’s brand and reach into the wallets of his fans.  If only Supreme had printed this on blankets they could have cashed in on the bedding industry.  As you can tell from the top right picture, the fit is nothing special, neither are the fans.  This was an overall disappointing drop for fans of both Michael, Supreme, and Fashion in general.  It also has us wondering what is happening over there at Supreme… We understand that it seems like a nice basic addition for the general Michael Jackson fan, but don’t charge $44 for a basic shirt or $168 for a basic hoodie. If you wanna check it out you can head here.

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