Balmain Spring 17

Technology is ever expanding and helpful.  Which is why Vogue Runway began experimenting with Facebook live streaming to provide a broader audience for each runway show.  It’s an easy way to stay up to date.  Now the collection is phenomenal.  Rousteing highlights the need for men to encompass beauty, confidence, and sexiness.  It takes balls and a clear vision to successfully wear a shirt that perfectly molds to every curve of the body like Kim’s contour.  As well as look badass while wearing a kaleidoscope of colors for a jacket.  Oliver provides a bottle of self confidence and power with each look.  He makes it okay for a man to be a thing of beauty, but at the same time demand respect.  From his collaboration with Kim and Kanye for the Wolves music video to having Kendall Jenner in the runway show, he is an innovator who uses social media to broadcast his unique vision to the world.  This collection is super charged with emotion that gives any onlooker a feeling of silent awe.  Now with Mayhoola’s acquisition of Balmain the skies look even more silent.

                      Oliver Rousteing                           Photo: Monica Feudi /


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